M-health apps reach 40,000, but many "don't work"

According to the Brookings Inst., there are now, believe it or not, over 40,000 mobile apps aimed at health professionals and their patients.

These range in functionality from reminders, remote surveillance, treatment and medication monitoring, decision support to "telemedicine."

In the US, the FDA (food and drugs adminisration) has yet to quality-test and certify apps for efficacy.

The Washington Post reports that many apps are "based upon flimsy science at best".

Doctors in the US are reportedly early-adopters of apps for both mobile and tablet PC, and the move towards mHealth is inexorable.

For example, the Brookings Inst. estimates that savings of 25% in the care of elderly are feasible through mHealth.


eBay Now - Now m business ready

Launching its m business service in its home city today, San Jose residents and employees at eBay's headquarters will be able to experience the new service - first.

eBay Now Releases Mobile Web Version For Easier Online Shopping | Digital Trends

eBay Now proposes to eliminate waiting time from your online shopping experience by giving you access to products from stores within your area and having them brought right to you in an hour.

eBay Now was officially launched last year to residents in the San Fransisco area. Expanded to New York it was only a matter of time before eBay launched the m business side of their business. Today San Jose, tomorrow?


How Big Data can save lives

With huge numbers of sensors and satellites collecting and relaying information, we are more and better informed about the threat of potential natural disasters than we were just a few years ago. However, real-time reporting does not always allow enough time for people to get out of harms way.

Thanks to the increase in computer number-crunching speeds, scientists are able to forecast weather changes more accurately. IBM research scientists are combining sophisticated data analytics with mathematical algorithms and computer power to provide long term weather analysis. The project entitled "Deep Thunder" has the potential to save lives.

How Big Data Can Boost Weather Forecasting | Innovation Insights |

The IBM Research team is putting their algorithms to work on behalf of cities around the world. For instance, Rio de Janeiro, because of its climate and terrain, has recurring flooding and landslide problems in many hilly neighborhoods. The researchers used data describing the physics of the atmosphere to create a mathematical model of how storms are likely to unfold in Rio. With it, they can predict up to 40 hours ahead of time how much rain will fall in a particular location—with 90% accuracy.


BBC News - Vertu chooses Android over Windows for luxury handset

Luxury smartphone maker Vertu has launched its first Android-operated handset. The Vertu Ti costs 7,900 euros (£6,994) and is made at the firm's headquarters in Church Crookham, Hampshire.
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