Websites, apps, online & mobile business, e-publishing, SEO & marketing.

Enterprise and cloud solutions architecture, planning and implementation.

Go-to-market, market entry and market disruption strategy, planning and roll-out.

Online branding, reputation development and added-value positioning.

Data capture, curation, storage, search, sharing, interpretation and visualisation.

Primacian is a coalition of technology specialists, solutions architects, e-business strategists and information scientists, based in Perth Western Australia, California and the UK. Each of us runs one or more operating businesses and we have extensive experience with blue-chips, SMEs and start-ups. We form to meet the requirements of a project or start up, and typically collaborate with third parties and entrepreneurs. This allows us to match specialists with relevant and current experience to the dynamics of markets undergoing exponential change. We are passionate about innovation and what we call the re-envisioning of business models and processes.

Primacian helps you envisage a technology future for your organisation.

We analyse, interpret and leverage the information overload of big data.

We help you improve processes, succeed online, create new business models, or exploit new channels.

Our programs are built for the staff and managers that drive them and the customers and associates that rely on them.

Our implementation programs account for the inevitable bottlenecks & politics.